Breathe RM® App

Co-designed with people with Cystic Fibrosis, this innovative app has been expertly designed. Smart device remote monitoring with simple & secure data to cloud synchronisation, enable you to remotely share the data you want, with the team you trust.

Collecting data is easy

Easily collect the data you want, from the sources you trust. Connect Bluetooth smart devices for speedy data capture.

Get Connected

Connect ecosystem accounts; Fitbit or Apple Health, to sync with your wearables.

Seeing trends empowers self-management.

Discover new insights with simple dashboards & graphs. Be empowered to take control of your health.

Consent to share

Consent & share with your clinical team. Reap the benefits of remote monitoring, virtual consultations & connected care.

Breathe RM® Portal

Breathe RM is more than just an App, it is a connected care solution. Our Breathe Portal is designed with care teams, for care teams. Health data dashboards support remote, virtual appointments, making it perfect for manoeuvring the challenges posed by and beyond Covid-19.

Easily Evaluate

Our dashboards make it extremely easy to quickly evaluate your patients’ health data.

Key Health Indicators

Touch of a button graphs offer you lung function data in context of other key health indictors such as resting heart rate, weight, oxygen saturations, or even sleep.

Easily Share Insights

Authenticated access for the whole care team easily share insights and findings.

Leading The Way

We are proud to be leading the way when it comes to remote patient monitoring and data informed connected care.