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Empowering people to take control of their health, via smart device self-monitoring. Breathe Remote Monitor (RM) is a forward thinking, responsive, remote monitoring platform. Breathe RM allows people with a chronic lung conditions to quickly and easily record and track condition-centric health data. All from a mobile app.

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Breathe RM® Portal
Breathe RM is more than just an App; it is a connected care solution. Our Breathe Portal is specifically designed with care teams in mind. Through health data dashboards, it enables data informed appointments, whether conducted face-to-face or remotely via virtual platforms. Breathe RM empowers care teams at every step.

Easily Evaluate

Our dashboards make it extremely easy to quickly evaluate your patients’ health data.

Key Health Indicators

Touch of a button graphs offer you lung function data in context of other key health indictors such as resting heart rate, weight, oxygen saturations, or even sleep.

Easily Share Insights

Authenticated access for the whole care team easily share insights and findings.

Leading The Way

We are proud to be leading the way when it comes to remote patient monitoring and data informed connected care.

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Breathe RM® App
Co-designed with people with Cystic Fibrosis, this innovative app has been expertly designed. Smart device remote monitoring with simple & secure data to cloud synchronisation, enable you to remotely share the data you want, with the team you trust.

Collecting data is easy

Easily collect the data you want, from the sources you trust. Connect Bluetooth smart devices for speedy data capture.

Get Connected

Connect ecosystem accounts; Fitbit or Apple Health, to sync with your wearables.


Discover new insights with simple dashboards & graphs. Be empowered to take control of your health.

Consent to share

Consent & share with your clinical team. Reap the benefits of remote monitoring, virtual consultations & connected care.

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User guides & support

Need guidance getting set up?  Experiencing unexpected issues? Simply tap on the icon below to get up and running, or drop us an email for more support.

See what our users have to say

I find the app provides a useful record of my day to day health that I can look back on as and when I need to. I’ve also found the notes field is useful to record other things such as the dates when I’ve had blood taken for Kaftrio monitoring (LFT) so that I can tell when the next one is due. I have also used it occasionally to record a BP measurement"

I find the results reassuring, because I can see how my health is and how it’s affected by my daily lifestyle.”

As someone on the upper side of the wellness scale these number show actual data rather than perceived wellness”

This is reassuring, if I feel under the weather, but my spirometry and oxygen levels are ok I don’t worry so much about feeling unwell for a day or two”

I like the idea of tracking my care ongoing and have a record of that historically also. I would like that to continue so I can see trends overtime and inform my own care.”

I think this is the future of home monitoring and managing our health as best as we can. I just want to say thank you for all that you do”

I welcome this app and although I don’t use it every day, I would miss adding and checking my data. So thank you for the work that goes in from your end to make it happen”

Thank you Team Breathe 🙂 you have been almost as important as Kaftrio in transforming CF care”

The breadth of information recorded gives the ability to identify trends. Gives me more control over my health and decisions”

Breathe Rm give me reduced stress not having to travel and reduced contact is safer. I'm more aware of my health and able to track trends over weeks and months using the graphs."

Having more regular monitoring has left me feeling more motivated, I take less days off from exercise and weightlifting.”

I can see when my lung function is good or bad and adjust my lifestyle accordingly. I can see what makes it better”

I was able to start antibiotics sooner as I noticed a lung function dip, saved time off work and petrol money”

I have discovered my lung function is higher after going for shorter runs every day, as opposed to fewer longer runs “

I am naturally competitive, it reassures me things are OK”