Breathe RM App

Breathe RM account Set up

If your Clinic is signed up to Breathe, then you can share data with your clinical team. You will receive an email invitation from your clinic to sign up to the service by creating a profile with user name & password.



Step 1

Goto ‘My Accounts’ in Breathe RM app settings. Tap ‘Breathe Account’, then connect



Step 2

You will be prompted that you are signing into Breathe RM (remote monitor).


Step 3

Enter your Breathe email address and password. Press 'Sign in'.



Step 4

You are now connected to your clinic. You can see your account details and when your data was last shared with your clinic.

Frequently asked questions
& known issues

Android Bluetooth connectivity changed with the release of Android 12. If your Spirometer or Oximeter are not connecting to your Breathe app, make sure you have installed the latest Breathe RM App (4.0.2 minimum). Goto settings and delete your Bluetooth devices. Set up the devices again and connectivity issues should be resolved.

In Breathe app, visit the ‘Settings’ page and scroll to the ‘My Devices’ section. Simply select the device you want to remove and choose ‘Delete’ in the menu bar.

Breathe RM already connects to Fitbit and Apple Health. If you have an iPhone and use Apple Health as an ecosystem, you can use this option to connect any smartwatch to Breathe RM. Options to integrate Garmin and Samsung watches are in development.

Known Issue: Fix: install minimum version 4.0.2 from app store. We are working on a known issue with some Android phones on Android 12. Entering your data today may appear to not work, or you data may seem to disappear. This issue is only happening when the app is being used after foregrounding (opening again after backgrounding instead of closing). To fix the issue, close the app and re-open. You will now see your data on the dashboard as you add it.

Notification settings are in 2 places; your Breathe RM app and your phone settings. Goto your phone settings / Apps and check that notifications for Breathe RM app are allowed. Battery optimisation can also prevent notification delivery. Make sure battery optimisation is not turned on. Then go into your Breathe RM app / Settings / Push notifications and make sure they are also turned on there.

The native browser on an Oppo phone will block access to the service Project Breathe uses to authenticate your account, preventing you from logging in. The simplest way to fix this is to install Chrome as your default browser.

This usually indicates a connection problem. Double check that you have a working internet connection. If the problem persists, visit the ‘Settings’ page and disconnect and reconnect your ‘Breathe Account’. If the problem continues request support.

You will see a ‘Connected’ status next to ‘Breathe Account’ in the ‘Settings’ page. Tap on the ‘Breathe Account’ to see your user ID, and the option to ‘Sync’ or ‘Disconnect’. Tapping on 'more info' will reveal the date and time that each measure last successfully synced with your clinic.

Breathe currently works with Celsius and Kilograms. There are no options to change these settings at present.


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