Disagree with Signal

Wrong Colour?

Signal, your health data buddy, is keeping an eye on your health data stability, looking out for early signs of infection. Signal sends your health data including spirometry, oximetry, heart rate (from your oximeter not from your watch), coughing and wellness scores from your Breathe RM app to a machine learning algorithm for review. 

Sometimes Signal might alert you to signs you are unwell, even before you start to feel unwell.

If you think your Signal colour is wrong, firstly review and if needed redo your measures for today.

Because Signal looks at the heart rate coming from your oximeter, that number may be higher than usual if you recorded it ‘on the go’. Try sitting quietly for 5 minutes before rechecking this.

If you still think your Signal is not correct, call your Research Nurse to discuss.

Remember Signal is just a guide, always trust your own judgement and call your clinical care team via the usual channels if you feel unwell.