Breathe RM & Carecircle

Join the conversation, with Carecircle

We are delighted to share with you that Breathe RM will be providing a space for all of our users to communicate directly with other users of the app, and with the Breathe RM team, on the Carecircle platform.

This safe and secure space has a forum for peer-to-peer support and to ask the Breathe RM team questions. There is also a polling feature; propose new features for your Breathe RM app, vote up proposed features, tell us what you want and need, to shape the future development of Breathe RM.

Carecircle is a highly secure platform designed for people to discuss health matters relevant to their symptoms and conditions

Carecircle is advertising free, uses just 3 tracking cookies that are exclusively for maintaining the platform and operates a strict policy that members own and control their own data, nothing is shared from the platform without member consent or request.

Carecircle is free & available from the Apple and Android App Stores as well as on the web ( You’ll need to use on of the log in links below, to access the Breathe RM dedicated private room.

If you are already a Carecircle member, please follow this login-link and you will be directed to our dedicated private room, for users of Breathe RM.

If you are not currently a Carecircle member, please follow this sign-up link.