Fitbit Set up



Step 1

Open the Fitbit app and tap on ‘Settings’. Then, tap ‘Set up a Device’



Step 2

Next, you’ll be asked which device you want to set up. Select ‘Charge 3’ (or your device of choice) by tapping on the image.


Step 3

Tap ‘Set Up Your Fitbit Charge 3 (or device of your choice)’.



Step 4

You’ll be guided through several pages of setup for your fitness tracker. If Bluetooth needs to be turned on, just tap ‘OK’.
*The Fitbit app also needs to access your device’s location for Bluetooth to work. Don’t worry – no location data is collected or stored in this evaluation, so tap ‘Allow’ to continue.


Step 5

During the setup, a 4-digit code will be displayed on your Fitbit device. When this is shown, please enter it into your app to finalise the set up.



Step 6

Once you’ve finished setting up your fitness tracker, you’ll be taken to the Fitbit dashboard.


Step 7

Finally we need to connect your Fitbit account to your Breathe app. Goto Breathe ‘Settings’. Under the ‘My Accounts’ heading, tap on ‘Fitbit’ then tap ‘Connect’



Step 8

Select ‘Continue’ to proceed to the Fitbit sign in page


Step 9

In the Fitbit login page, enter your Fitbit account details (your email address and your Fitbit password) and tap ‘Log In’.



Step 10

You’re all done. At this point, the Breathe RM app should be connected to the Fitbit service. Data from your Fitbit device should soon appear in your daily dashboard. (Note: You will need to ‘pull to refresh’ the dashboard to retrieve Fitbit data.)

Asked questions

You don’t need to! The Breathe app talks directly to Fitbit’s servers in order to retrieve activity, sleep and resting heart rate data. You just need to make sure that you synchronise (sync) your fitness tracker with the Fitbit app regularly, so that Breathe can collect accurate and up-to-date metrics from the Fitbit server.

For simplicity we are retrieving your activity from your Fitbit activity tracker. Try to wear your Fitbit as much as possible to ensure the accuracy of this data.

Your Fitbit Charge needs to be regularly synchronised (synced) with your Fitbit app to enable Breathe app access to your data via Fitbit’s servers. Your Fitbit tracker continuously monitors your heart rate, and your resting heart rate is calculated by Fitbit’s servers when they have sufficient data. Depending on what time of day you sync, you may see a delay in resting heart rate data being collected by Breathe. If you think any of your data points are missing from Breathe app, open up Fitbit app and force a sync. Then in the Breathe dashboard, just swipe down in the dashboard to refresh the data from Fitbit’s servers.

Your Fitbit Charge needs to be regularly synced with your Fitbit app, to enable Breathe app access to this data. If any of your data points are missing from Breathe app, open up the Fitbit app and force a sync. After the sync has completed return to Breathe app and refresh its data by pulling down on the dashboard. You should now see all of your measurements up to date.

If you are having problems with your Fitbit tracker not working as you would expect, or the tracker connecting to the Fitbit app, we recommend you speak to Fitbit directly so that they can trouble shoot this with you. There are many options for contacting them here. If your tracker is faulty they can arrange with you to replace it. Tap on the support link below for more information.

In Breathe app’s ‘Settings’ page, tap ‘Connected services’, then ‘Fitbit’ and check that you are connected. If not, follow through the process outlined in the Fitbit guide. If you are connected, open the Fitbit app and force a sync with your activity tracker. The go back to Breathe app and pull down on the dashboard page to force a refresh with Fitbit. Finally check your ‘Data Preferences’ in settings to make sure Fitbit is selected as your data source of choice. Hey presto, you should now be able to see your Fitbit data!


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